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Apple's Sales of the iPhone 11 have been positive, according to Apple's CEO

You know that this year, Apple released its flagship smartphone, which is no different than last year - three models, one priced at a reasonable price and one priced at a reasonable price on the market. Well. Of course, this time around, the iPhone 11 could make a lot of money for Apple, and Tim Cook says the device is a good start after a while. Come here.

In fact, Tim Cook has stated that after a short period of sales, the number of iPhone 11 series appears to be a lot better than last year, and even more so. Adding that, the sale of the regular iPhone 11 is a good start ("a very, very good start"). In addition, he said that price is one of the key factors that make the iPhone 11 a success, so especially in the Chinese market is seeing a lot of fans. In the US and other countries, Apple has launched the device for $ 699, compared to last year's iPhone XR, which was known for its support. It's starting at $ 749 and that's one of the main reasons why users switch to the iPhone 11.

However, Tim Cook also hopes that the US-China trade dispute will be completed by the first quarter of 2020, as this will make Apple products in China even more attractive. One more level of support. So, it might be said that Apple may sell more iPhone 11 models than other models, but the company didn't say how much it sold, but said it was a good start.