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( Official ) How to Jailbreak iOS 13-13.3 ON iPHONE IPAD

Today pwn20wnd’s released jailbreak tools for iOS 13-13.3 publicly.jailbreak gives your iPhone more benefit whatever you want like change theme styles hack game or do anything that Apple not allow like change carrier to another name change notification styles by install tweak from any source that compatible with your device and iOS version. Let’s talk about negative and positive jailbreak.

  + positives
- can access to file system
- block revoke from Apple
- install ipa without revoke
- access to file game app like android
- change theme style notifications etc..

 + Negatives
- drain battery
- phone getting hotter than default ( if u use semi/tether jailbreak you can go to unjailbreak mode by restart so ur phone go to its default 😀)
- if u do something wrong your phone will bootloop, you’ve to restore via iTunes ( Computer ) to be able fix it.
- some app may be can’t access because they detected jailbreak ( but we can use jailbreak bypass to access )

How to Jailbreak?

1.Click 👇🏻 it
2.Click JailbreakDone